Why Successful Hiring Managers Look Beyond the 4-year College Degree

Why Successful Hiring Managers Look Beyond the 4-Year College Degree

If anyone told you 10 years ago that a university degree will not guarantee you a stable job and income, you might probably laugh it off as a joke. However, with the gradual boom in population, the job market is not performing well. The number of job seekers is rapidly increasing while the employment opportunities are limited in the market. Thus, applicants need to broaden their horizons and attain much more than a 4-year college degree to heighten their chances of getting hired. 

For A Brighter Future

Contemporary Hiring Managers have discarded outdated hiring techniques and criteria. They are now looking into more practical aspects of the job descriptions. Bookish knowledge will seldom get you anywhere if you don’t have the hands-on skills to back it up. After several assessments and evaluations, successful recruiters have concluded that experience and skillset outweighs a college degree for the optimal functioning of their firm. It has not only widened their talent pool but connected them with numerous candidates with valuable qualities like a positive work attitude, relevant capabilities, experience, grit, and determination to work hard. Furthermore, it has also made the hiring process significantly inclusive and diverse. These are the reasons why hiring managers have started to acknowledge more than a college degree or diploma. 

How To Stay Relevant In the Job Market

The questions that remain are how to secure a job with or without a college degree? What to be a relevant applicant for my ideal job? What skills are recruiters looking for? Well, the answers to these questions are mentioned below.


Your dream company will have a set job description that entails a myriad of skills. Whether or not you have the educational qualification, you can still be an eligible applicant if you possess the mentioned abilities. MNCs and Fortune 500 companies have altered their hiring practices to look for intelligent candidates who will advance their businesses by harnessing the power of their skills. To gain mastery over the required capabilities, candidates can enroll in top-notch boot camps that offer a range of skill development courses.

Aptitude Tests 

Most companies have tailored personal aptitude tests for different job roles. They are curated based on the preferences of the managers, expertise & experience required for the job, responsibilities the role includes, etc. Prospective employees take these assessments, and their results are compared with other employees. Naturally, people who perform better on these practical evaluations have higher chances of getting hired. There are also various mock test versions of these aptitude tests available online for employees to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. 

Interview presentation 

People skills and communication are an integral part of any job description. These foundational capabilities are not something one can learn in their college or school syllabus. Let’s explain this with an example. Consider two job applicants- A and B. Applicant A has a pragmatic personality and does exceedingly well in their interviews by impressing the hiring panel. However, the candidate has minimal academic qualifications. Applicant B has a comparatively higher educational qualification but has poor or mediocre interview skills. In such a case, the firm is most likely to hire candidate A who has a stronger personality and skill set than candidate B. There are many personality development courses, training sessions, etc. You can join if you lack the interview skills to secure a job.

To Conclude 

When it comes to choosing between candidates who have the skill set or degree, hiring managers will unquestionably select the former. Companies have started expanding in their business (in terms of hiring people) to give a fair chance to people from all backgrounds. In return, it has improved their businesses, increased profits, created a safe and optimum workplace environment.