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Enhance your high-volume recruitment process with Zapilio! Analyzing thousands of candidates and making great hires without getting it wrong once, has never been easier!

No matter the number of applicants,
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With AI-powered assessments and expert-tailored libraries, you always get the best out of the herd.
See who performs the best as per your requirements with the power of customization!

Expert Made Assessments

Libraries tailored by industry experts to deliver the maximum output from candidates to your reports.

Diversified Question Base

Test each skill with all sorts of questions. Choose from objective, subjective, audio, video, or picture-based questions.

Let Zapilio analyze each applicant to their core for every necessary skill, even though there are thousands of them!

From hospitality business to managing remote call centers, you need every hire to be the best in their skills. Be it empathy, communication, resilience, or adaptability to the role, you need your candidates to be at their best because each one of them will be representing your whole company!
That’s why Zapilio, irrespective of the number of applicants, is designed to have the power to grade each applicant according to the required skills and suitability. Therefore, even among thousands of hires, there’s no wrong choice!

No replacement costs, wasting several hours, or making wrong decisions with your high volume recruitment!

Save yourself loads of resources, time, and the hassle of manually assessing thousands of applicants with powerful AI and true automation!
A company has to face a lot of hidden costs and precious time wasted on wrong hires! There’s a training cost that is wasted, your HR’s invaluable time is wasted on assessing each individual and still getting it wrong because of the wide array of data without any proper management.
But Zapilio puts a full stop to all of these wasted resources. With the power of AI grading and customizable assessments, you only hire what your company exactly needs, and with the minimum training costs.

Keep your Candidates more engaged than ever with Customization and Variety

Don’t bore your candidates with just monotonous MCQs. Higher the engagement, the more accurate the results, better the hiring choices. With over ten types to choose from, you can assess a candidate with objective, subjective, audio, video, and picture-based questions.
Not only do you keep the candidates engaged but also analyze their performance to align perfectly with your role’s requirements. This helps you to significantly narrow down your choices quite accurately in the high-volume recruitment process.

Artificial Intelligence at its Best!

Data-driven performance analysis powered by AI goes an extra mile to check each individual’s suitability for the role, even when there are thousands of candidates!
Leverage the power of AI to tap into the candidate’s mental core beyond their answers. Zapilio offers valuable insight by analyzing the skills of each individual and showcasing them in data-centric reports. So that you can make an informed and most suitable decision without being wrong, ever! Even when you have to choose from a very high number of applicants.
Getting a peek into several candidates’ weak & strong hands at once is another great perk that comes with Zapilio’s easy-to-read data-centric reports.

Transform your process of hiring a great number of candidates at once with the best High Volume Hiring Solution out there!

Expert Made Libraries

Assessments tailored under the expertise of Industry experts and professionals

Suited to your Niche

Power of accuracy with the flexibility of customization in every marketing niche

Fully Automated Process

From sharing the assessment to onboarding the candidate, all taken care of by Zapilio

Highly Customizable

Edit, omit, or rewrite the assessment to make the most suitable candidate stand out for the role

AI-powered Analysis

Data-centric report based on AI-powered analysis to help you make the most accurate decision

Easy Collaboration

Invite your assessee right from the assessment building page without any hassles

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