Explore Zapilio. The Ultimate Testlify Alternative

Eager to transform your endless screening process into effortless automation? If you're torn between Zapilio and Testlify, there are a number of factors to consider before making a decision. Let us examine what sets them apart from one another.

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Feature-wise Breakdown: A Deep Dive!

Feature-wise Breakdown: A Deep Dive!

Features Zapilio Testlify
Test Library
AI Curated Test

Industry Validated Assessments

Role Specific Assessments


Cognitive Test

Strategic Thinking Test

Technical Skill Test

Soft Skill Test
Psychometric Tests
Personality Tests
Skill Coverage


Assessment Templates
Free Custom Creation
AI Recommended Tests

Personalised Features

Features Zapilio Testlify
Complete Personalization
Free Custom Assessments
Customisable Questions

Curated Assessments by Industry Experts

Curated Assessments  by Psychologist 

Customisable Dashboard for Analytics

Test Library

Features Zapilio Testlify
Audio Visual Tests
Coding Snippet
File Upload

Image Upload

Candidate Interactions

Features Zapilio Testlify
Email Invite
Email Follow-ups

Candidate Support

Assessment Instructions
Average Assessment Length


Comprehensive Reporting

Features Zapilio Testlify
Detailed Candidate Report
Customizable Candidate Reports
Recruiters Analytics
Downloadable Reports

Candidate's Influentiality Index

Top Candidate Insights
Completion Report
Candidate Benchmarking

Intuitive Features

Features Zapilio Testlify
Platform Control
Bulk Invite Candidates
Broadcast Assessment Link
Accessible Reports
Recruiters Dashboard
Candidate Pipeline Management
Shortlisiting Candidates

Pre-Built Assessment for Popular Roles

Features Zapilio Testlify
Business Analyst
Product Manager
Agile Engineers
Data Scientist
Blockchain Developer
Growth Marketing
Global Leader
ML Engineer
Full Stack Developer
Performance Marketing
Candidate Behaviors and Values

Customer support

Features Zapilio Testlify
24/7 Support
On-call Priority Support
Email Support
Product Demo
Training and Onboarding

Zapilio and Testlify are both screening automation platforms that offer accurate, automated, and unbiased candidate selection. While Testlify focuses on simplifying the process with its intuitive platform, Zapilio offers industry-validated assessments and competitive pricing advantages. Overall, Zapilio is a top choice for hiring and not a mere alternative to Testlify.

Verdict: Testlify is not a Zapilio alternative.