Hire developers who are skilled, consistent, and think out of the box, with Zapilio!

As a company that builds and develops software from scratch, Zapilio is a perfect technical assessment solution to assess and hire developers with just the skills needed to grow rapidly!

Look for candidates with sharp problem-solving skills
using Zapilio AI-powered assessments

Expert-tailored assessments with a touch of experience and customization to find developers
who can code great stuff and be a highly valuable asset to your flawless team

Expert Made Assessments

Libraries tailored by industry experts to deliver the maximum output from candidates to your reports.

Diversified Question Base

Test each skill with all sorts of questions. Choose from objective, subjective, audio, video, or picture-based questions.

Be it any language or platform, assess applicants as per your requirements

With the vast libraries, you can assess your candidates for any technical skills or language the role calls for. From OOPS to DBMS, from Machine Learning to Big Data, there’s no restriction with Zapilio.
The power of customization with professionally tailored assessments gives you a perfect analyzer to find what you are exactly looking for. It makes up for the perfect tool that you need to hire an applicant that is more than perfect for the role.

Evaluate more than just the Technical Skills! Tap beyond their on-screen abilities with Zapilio

A perfect team does not mean people with only good technical skills but a flawless team includes members with sharp field skills and a touch of great human intelligence! After all, it’s the exact difference between AI and us, and a candidate hired with Zapilio would know that, why?
Zapilio allows you to tap beyond the technical skills of an applicant. The AI grading system looks for necessary skills like team spirit, communication, transparency, handling real-life scenarios or practical problem-solving skills, and so on!
That’s what makes Zapilio a perfect technical hiring software to build a flawless team that exceeds expectations!

Keep your Candidates more engaged than ever with Customization and Variety

Higher the engagement, the more accurate the results, better the hiring choices.
Don’t bore your candidates with just monotonous MCQs or developing the most common programs using the same code lines over and over again. With over ten types to choose from, you can assess a candidate with objective, subjective, audio, video, and picture-based questions.
See them solve practical issues using their problem-solving abilities, assess their communication, observe them handle the pressure, and do so much more to make your assessments engaging, accurate, and way too productive to bring out your applicant’s real potential.

Artificial Intelligence at its Best!

Data-driven performance analysis powered by AI that goes an extra mile to check the suitability of a candidate in remote-working scenarios!
Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to tap into the candidate’s mental core beyond their answers. Zapilio offers valuable insight by analyzing the skills required for working remotely like communication, time management, transparency, and so on. So that you can make an informed and most suitable decision without being wrong, ever!
Getting a peek into a candidate’s particular weak & strong hand is another great perk that comes with Zapilio’s AI-powered assessment.

Zapilio's Automated and AI-powered Technical Hiring Solution help you in faster and better hires to build an unprecedented technical team ever!

Expert Made Libraries

Assessments tailored under the expertise of Industry experts and professionals

Suited to your Niche

Power of accuracy with the flexibility of customization in every marketing niche

Fully Automated Process

From sharing the assessment to onboarding the candidate, all taken care of by Zapilio

Highly Customizable

Edit, omit, or rewrite the assessment to make the most suitable candidate stand out for the role

AI-powered Analysis

Data-centric report based on AI-powered analysis to help you make the most accurate decision

Easy Collaboration

Invite your assessee right from the assessment building page without any hassles

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