Green is the New Gold!

Green is the New Gold!​

Gain green skills for a brighter future! Learn renewable energy, waste reduction & sustainable practices for rewarding green jobs. Start now!

Tuning In: Top 10 Podcasts for HR Professionals

Must listen HR Podcasts

Tuning In: Top 10 Podcasts for HR Professionals Stay updated in the fast-paced world with these top podcast Staying updated with the latest HR trends, insights, and best practices is paramount for a Human Resources Management professional. Understanding the shifting landscape of talent acquisition, employee engagement, and workplace culture can often feel like a daunting […]

Navigating the AI Landscape in HR with Shanil Kaderali

[Podcast] Navigating the AI Landscape in Talent Acquisition Speaker: Shanil Kaderali (Talent Acquisition Operations Leader) In this edition of podcast, we host Shanil Kaderali, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, HR, and employee engagement. In this exclusive podcast, he discusses how AI is revolutionizing the HR landscape, explores ways […]

Psychological Safety at Workplace by Indu Unnamatla

Psychological Safety at Workplace

Podcast | Psychological Safety at Workplace Speaker | Indu Unnamatla| Talent Acquisition Leader | Ex-Google In this insightful podcast, join Indu Unnamatla (She/Her), a seasoned Talent Acquisition Leader and former Googler, with over two decades of experience in Staffing and Agile Development. Discover the key to fostering Psychological Safety at the workplace, enabling a culture […]