Benchmark your skills, expand your expertize.

Add an extra layer of oomph to your skillsets for others to see.

Experience the power that a validated skillset holds

Product Management
Product Management
Data Science
Data Science
Design Thinking
Design Thinking
Scrum Master
Scrum Master

What does SkillZap do?

Companies look above and beyond technical skills, be it for a fresher or an experienced professional. Skills are dynamic and ever evolving and the resume alone is no longer enough.
SkillZap gives you a competitive advantage in the job market with its one of a kind technical and behavioral assessments.

How it works ?

01. Search

Suppose you know the skills you need
to test yourself for, head to our
assessment library. If not, no worries.
Provide the job description and
SkillZap will extract it for you.

02. Assess

Show your mettle through a dynamic
library of assessments at your
disposal. Get a chance to evaluate
yourself. Benchmark your skills in both
the technical and non-technical

03. Analyze

An intensive, data-driven, deeply
insightful result will be made available.
We promise it will be more exciting
than your academic report cards.

04. Share

Now is the time to work on visibility.
Share the result among your
networks to increase clout. Stand out among a pool of candidates.

What next ?

Acquiring skills can be compared to a ladder that never ends. If you are at the top rung, with time, more will get added before you reach the top again. The journey is never-ending.

There is always room for improvement and having a mentor who can show the direction to that room is just a few clicks away.

Send me a free SkillZap Assessment invite

Send me a free SkillZap Assessment invite