Build a Flawless Marketing Team including the best hires with Zapilio’s AI-powered Marketing Assessments

No more second-guessing your preferences. Be more than sure about your candidates with Zapilio in-depth marketing assessments and an insightful peek into the candidate’s skill set.

In-depth Assessments to analyze each skill
for a perfect marketing talent

Get the most out of your candidates to make an accurate and informed decision
with our AI-powered Assessments

Expert Made Assessments

Libraries tailored by industry experts to deliver the maximum output from candidates to your reports.

Diversified Question Base

Test each skill with all sorts of questions. Choose from objective, subjective, audio, video, or picture-based questions.

Your Way is the Right Way

Marketing is kind of a genre that varies significantly from industry to industry. Zapilio’s assessments can adapt to your way of hiring and sort the candidate preference accordingly. Customize the assessment suited to test the most preferred skill and the suitability as per your marketing niche. You still get the same accuracy, same data-centric reports but analyzed in a way to cater to a certain role or skill. Your niche needs your way of hiring and we understand that. Design your assessments and let us do the heavy lifting.

Save Countless hours with a Fully Automated Process!

Enhance your hiring process by going fully automatic. No more sending letters to potential candidates, dedicating resources and time to conduct a test, and then spending countless hours interviewing several potential hires.

Let Zapilio do all the heavy lifting and save yourself uncountable hours of the hectic and complex recruiting process. From sharing an invite to welcoming a candidate on board, everything is taken care of with the Zapilio’s automated hiring solution.

Easy Share, Easy Hire!

Collaboration made extremely easy with Zapilio. All you need to do is click on a share button to invite potential candidates for the assessment. They verify their details and engage with the shared assessment.

That’s it. You on the other end get all the information about how your candidates performed, and how much time did they take for every question in easy-to-read charts to make the most suitable choice. That’s why we call it, easy-share, easy hire!

Candidate-friendly Experience

Our hiring solution isn’t all about assessing candidates, we like them to feel welcome and comfortable before getting on to the assignment just as any company would want to do.

That’s why you have your own space before the assessment to convey whatever you like or deem necessary before engaging the potential hiree. You can add a video about your marketing niche, the field, or the company environment. You can also put what this marketing role would be like and what you expect from the candidates.

Building an initial relationship with your hiree and making them feel comfortable is the first aspect of an interview to get the most out of their potential. Zapilio offers just the same opportunity with its hiring solution.

Zapilio's Automated and AI-powered hiring solution offer a complete checklist that you need to make faster and better hires to grow your marketing team and thus the business rapidly!

Expert Made Libraries

Assessments tailored under the expertise of Industry experts and professionals

Suited to your Niche

Power of accuracy with the flexibility of customization in every marketing niche

Fully Automated Process

From sharing the assessment to onboarding the candidate, all taken care of by Zapilio

Highly Customizable

Edit, omit, or rewrite the assessment to make the most suitable candidate stand out for the role

AI-powered Analysis

Data-centric report based on AI-powered analysis to help you make the most accurate decision

Easy Collaboration

Invite your assessee right from the assessment building page without any hassles

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