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SkillZap by Zapilio is a free alternative to LinkedIn Learning, empowering users to assess their skills prior to choosing their learning path for a successful career. Unleash your potential by upgrading to SkillZap's futuristic upskilling that crafts personalized learning path that aligns with individual skill sets.

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Feature-wise Breakdown: A Deep Dive!

Feature-wise Breakdown: A Deep Dive!

Unique Features

Features Zapilio Linkedin
Pre Assessments
Curated Learning

Industry Validated Learning

Domain Specific Assessments


Cognitive Test

Leadership & Critical Thinking Tests

Hard Skill Tests

Soft Skill Tests
Psychometric Tests
Personality Tests
Skill Coverage


Progress Tracking
Skill Reports

Exclusive Features

Features Zapilio Linkedin
Audio Visual Tests
Coding Snippet
File Upload

Image Upload

Team Interactions

Features Zapilio Linkedin
Email Invite
Email Follow-ups
Team Dashboard

Unlimited Members

Sub Teams
Team Leaderboard

Comprehensive Reporting

Features Zapilio Linkedin
Detailed Individual Report
Progress Tracking
Outcome Analytics
Downloadable Reports
Top Learner Insights
Completion Report
Skill Benchmarking

Intuitive Features

Features Zapilio Linkedin
Platform Control
Bulk Invite Teams
Broadcast Assessment Link
Accessible Reports
Customisable Dashboard
Learning Management
Success Metrics

Learning Path for Popular Roles

Features Zapilio Linkedin
Business Analyst
Product Manager
Agile Engineers
Data Scientist
Blockchain Developer
Growth Marketing
Global Leadership
ML Engineer
Full Stack Developer
Performance Marketing
Candidate Behaviors and Values

Customer support

Features Zapilio Linkedin
24/7 Support
On-call Priority Support
Email Support
Product Demo
Training and Onboarding

LinkedIn Learning is a great platform, but is it enough? Zapilio provides a powerful and comprehensive learning platform that goes beyond the limitations of LinkedIn Learning to empower your workforce truly. Here’s why Zapilio’s SkillZap is the superior choice among professionals & organisations.

While LinkedIn Learning offers a broad range of courses, SkillZap caters to every nuance in a specific domain, taking it a step ahead. LinkedIn Learning’s one-size-fits-all approach might not address your specific requirements.

Customizable Learning Paths: Zapilio curates personalized learning journeys tailored to your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Engaging Learning Environment: Zapilio fosters a more engaging learning experience through features communities, gamification, and social elements, keeping your employees motivated and on track.

Measurable Results: Zapilio provides detailed analytics to track your employees’ progress and the impact of your training programs. Quantify the return on investment (ROI) on your learning initiatives. Tracking progress on LinkedIn Learning can take time and effort.

Zapilio goes beyond theory with interactive elements and practical tests, ensuring your employees can apply their newfound knowledge immediately. With LinkedIn Learning, knowledge retention can be a challenge.

LinkedIn Learning’s static format might be less stimulating for all learners.

Advice: Don’t settle for the limitations of LinkedIn learning. While you can empower your workforce with the comprehensive and engaging learning experience with SkillZap – a product by Zapilio