How can you make learning more binge-able?

How Can You Make Learning More Binge-able?

“Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.”

-John Carmack

You are either motivated to learn or job is pushing you to learn, or learning for career growth.

We are all are struggling with

  • Very limited time to learn and
  • Too much information overload for learning areas

To make best use of the time for learning, its important to know what to learn.

How would we know what to learn?

  • Experts from your field can suggest as they are aware of the business demand, Industry demands and trends for the future.


  • Do we want to learn on what we think are the skills to learn.

UAssess works with Industry Experts to define all the skills, competencies, sub competencies and the expertise level that is required for various job roles and skills.

Example – Inbound product Manager requires six skills, which can also be customized based on the company context.

UAssess objectively assess the skills and competencies and thus helps you to find your expertise levels for each of the skills and competencies.

Below is one of the report that will give you indication of your/teams skill, Industry average score.


Based on the industry trends demand and your score

  • You need to focus to improve strategic planning and Data Analytics Skills (Please also consider your business context to analyze the assessment score).
  • Strategic planning contains competencies – Target Market Sizing, Product Strategy, Buy, Build Partner, Pricing and Packaging, Business Model and Plan. (The Report will also provide one level deeper analysis for each of the competencies).

Now you know exactly what to learn and at what expertise level so as to deliver business value and move ahead in your career.

Learn how UAssess can help you to accelerate your journey to acquire skills for delivering business outcome or advancing career growth.

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