How AI Simplifies The Search for Diverse Talent

How AI Simplifies The Search for Diverse Talent

AI has become an integral part of our mundane lives. From our jobs to our homes, you can find AI deeply integrated with our lifestyle. It has completely transformed the way we function, work, or unwind. One of the primary reasons why people trust AI is because it is focused, targeted, flawless. As humans, we are bound to make mistakes and have biases, opinions, and personal thought processes. However, an AI will simply execute the given task efficiently without any problem. HR leaders of today have recognized the potential of AI and have started to harness it for streamlining Talent Acquisition. Read more to find out how AI simplifies the search for diverse talent while tackling traditional issues. 

Improved Search Methods

Originally, recruiters used keyword or Boolean search, which is an inefficient trial and error method that filters candidates based on the keywords in their profile. After that, recruiters had to manually select potential employees from the huge list of applicants. It possessed four main problems-

  1. It was time-consuming and laborsome
  2. Recruiters sometimes missed qualified candidates while manually sifting through the list of applicants.
  3. Most of the talented applicants aren’t aware of the specific keywords to add to their job profile. Thus, they end up missing out on employment opportunities. 
  4. Keyword searching method was ineffective for diversity hiring, and people from different backgrounds describe themselves using various terms, and not all are included in the keyword list.

AI-driven searches use a unique technique that offers a more tailored list of candidates. Instead of looking for keywords, it matches the candidate’s profile based on the job description posted by the recruiter. Therefore, enabling a much more inclusive pool of job applicants. Recruiters can select the profiles they like and discard the ones they don’t like. Based on this pattern, the AI will continue to show similar profiles that the recruiter prefers. 

Discriminatory Hiring

The Hiring management may be unintentionally excluding candidates based on their racial backgrounds, educational level, gender, age, etc. Thus, it creates a discriminatory environment, and the applicant pool becomes limited and exclusive. To diversify the hiring process, recruiters can use AI tools to run several variation searches to include all candidates with the required skill set irrespective of their details. It means no applicant gets preferential treatment as all of them are assessed based on the same parameters. Thus, leaving no room for discrimination in your firm.

Restricted Talent Pool

Even though LinkedIn is a prominent job portal, not all potential candidates have their profiles on LinkedIn or have the resources to pay for additional premium benefits. The lack of a database limits the hiring manager’s talent pool. Advanced AI tools deeply search the multiple job platforms on the web to look for candidates- that are ideal as per the job prescription. Hiring managers can digitally view profiles of job seekers from different job listing sites, thanks to the AI’s large databases. Therefore, AI gives recruiters access to considerably multiple diverse and broad talent pools at their convenience.

Final Words

AI has made a considerable impact on talent acquisition. It has enabled an optimal, healthy, and diverse work environment for several firms. Employees feel much more included and safe working in these firms. Hiring managers of today have rapidly started switching to AI- to not only lessen their workload but to propagate their all-embracing work culture.