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We help companies shortlist the Top 1% Talents from thousands of applicants in 30 minutes using the power of automation. We also help workforce stay skilled and relevant in our fast-paced world.

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Shortlist Top Talents without Bias

Test, rank, and filter job applicants in minutes

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How HireZap works


Make a wish

Extract skills from your JD or add relevant skills in few clicks


Auto-generate test

Automatically generate shareable skill-based assessments

Shortlist (2)

Shortlist in minutes

Streamline screening and filter the fluff


Unlock Workforce Potential

Identify gaps and upskill continuously


How SkillZap works


Create your destiny

Add learning journeys to your awesome team


Start a habit loop

Empower your team to stay skilled and relevant


Build a winning team

Monitor your teams progress in real-time for sustainable growth

Uncover Industry Validated Assessment

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Experts onboard
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Learning Paths
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Leverage Zapilio to your advantage

Overcome barriers

Assess candidates for skills and behavioural attributes rather than mere resumes.


Shortlist in minutes

Choose assessments from our exhaustive library to test for skills and filter the best. 


Elevate your skills

Put your skills to test and learn the gaps before you begin your upskilling. 


Discover your path

Unlock success through a learning path curated for you based on your reports.

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