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AI-powered auto-mapping of job descriptions to assessments

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Drag-and-drop the job description and be ready to assess candidates in seconds. You don’t have to lose sleep over building assessments anymore.

Be in control

We have a near-perfect assessment library. But you can customize our already tailored assessments to suit your hiring needs.


Rich and continuously validated library

Skills and roles are constantly changing. Why should the assessments be static?

Built, curated, and validated — by experts

Our marketplace approach to building and maintaining the assessment library by industry practitioners is unique. It ensures keeping the library fresh and up-to-date always.

Out-of-the-box for new age

From Product Management to Cybersecurity and from Leadership to Data Science we have out-of-the-box assessment modules for your modern hiring needs.


A platform designed with candidates in mind

A tool that is less-friction and intuitive guides your candidate throughout the process while they give their best and have a delightful assessment experience.

Variety at its best

With over ten types to choose from, you can assess a candidate with objective, subjective, audio, video, and picture-based questions.

Highly Accessible

We guarantee a seamless experience on our platform. Take our assessments from anywhere on any device.

Ready in a few clicks
Choose an assessment from the library, customize the questions for your requirements, and that's it! Your assessment is ready to go.
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Invite potential candidates to take the test
with a click of a button. It is quick & efortless.
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Get a dedicated page to introduce your company to the candidates and emphasize your goals. Let them feel welcomed.

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