Healthcare can’t work on guesswork! Be more than sure about your hiring decisions with Zapilio

Zapilio helps you find out highly qualified and only the most suitable candidates for the roles in such an intricate field as Healthcare!

Assessments designed to test all the necessary skills
for healthcare-related roles

Get the most out of your candidates to make an accurate and informed decision with our AI-powered Assessments

Expert Made Assessments

Libraries tailored by industry experts to deliver the maximum output from candidates to your reports.

Diversified Question Base

Test each skill with all sorts of questions. Choose from objective, subjective, audio, video, or picture-based questions.

Save countless hours; Focus on what matters!

Time is of the essence, especially in a field like Healthcare. You can’t just waste uncountable hours going through the hectic process of manual hiring. Setting up interviews, communicating with each potential candidate individually, ranking them without any deep analysis or insights, and then making a decision manually. That’s not an efficient way to do things.

That’s why you need Zapilio. A hiring solution that can automate the whole process, and make things go way more efficiently & smoothly, saving you invaluable time to focus on what matters.
Zapilio can assess the potential candidates and their skills to the core, rank them however you want as per the role’s requirement, set up automated interviews, and be done with the whole hiring process within no time. All without needing you to move a single muscle except that of your fingers, of course!

Only Informed Decisions, No Mishires!

You can’t afford to be wrong in a field like Healthcare. You can’t dedicate your invaluable time to the manual recruiting process and do it all over again in case of making a wrong choice. That’s why you need to be more than just sure about your recruitment choices. How? We are so glad you asked!

With Zapilio, you’re not making any rash or biased decisions based on a particular situation. Instead, you are leveraging the power of data-driven analysis and AI-based ranking systems to make an informed and unbiased choice. This reduces the chance of making any kind of wrong decision down to almost negligible.

Talent matters, Background does not!

Zapilio ranks candidates according to their suitability for the role. Their background is not one of the several factors of Zapilio’s in-depth and insightful performance analysis. So you get to welcome the most talented and skilled people irrespective of their backgrounds to build a diverse team that can offer more than what the role expects.

A team that is not only made up of experienced, skilled, and qualified hires but also culturally vast people coming from various backgrounds at a healthcare organization can be a cherry on the top of the cake.

Assess more than just the skills

Healthcare is one of those fields that requires more than just skills. It asks for experience, empathy, and the ability to handle great pressure at work. You need to tap into the candidate’s mental core beneath their qualifications and Zapilio is just the perfect tool for that!

Our assessments are designed by experienced professionals from the same field to evaluate more than just technical skills. And so does the AI-powered ranking system that looks for certain qualities beyond the skills and experience to find just the right person for the job.

Candidate-friendly experience with the power of customization
and easy interface

Highly Customizable

Edit, omit, or rewrite the assessment to make the most suitable candidate stand out for the role

Highly Accessible

Candidates can take the assessment from anywhere, anytime using any device!

Welcome message

Dedicated space for the company to welcome and brief the candidate for a friendly experience

Easy Collaboration

Invite your assessee right from the assessment building page without any hassles

Fully Automated Process

From sharing the assessment to onboarding the candidate, all taken care of by Zapilio

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