Head of Test Content

Job Responsibilities

  • Guide the work of SMEs and give them editing feedback for expression, objectivity, and clarity, following best practices in test development.
  • Collaborate with SMEs to address feedback from our users and our algorithms to improve tests.
  • Recruit highly qualified SMEs to create tests for our platform. (Initially only; recruitment will later be taken over by a dedicated recruiter.)
  • Build strong relationships with your SMEs for continuous collaboration and support.
  • Manage an area of our test library, making sure its tests are published correctly and are up to date. 
  • Contribute new test ideas and other hiring material (such as custom screening questions, interview questions, and practical job simulations) to help improve our offerings to customers.
  • Contribute to improving our test development tools and processes.
  • Join (and help shape) the fast-growing HR tech startup UAssess as an early employee.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • There is no set path to this role, and we’re open to applicants from various backgrounds and experiences. 
  • But in order to succeed in this role, you should: 
  • Share our passion for helping companies hire the best, easily and without bias.
  • Have excellent English writing and editing skills.
  • Have worked as an editor in the past , and understand how to guide others to clarify their ideas and improve their writing.
  • Have a strong interest in testing, psychometrics, and hiring, and want to learn more about these topics.
  • Enjoy researching and learning new things at a deep level.
  • Be comfortable working with data and basic statistics.
  • Work well with others and manage your collaborators independently.
  • Appreciate the extremely varied needs of a startup.

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