Empower Your Hiring: 10 Key Reasons to Use Skill Tests

As a hiring manager, your primary responsibility is to select the right talent for your organization. Skill tests, also known as pre-employment skill testing, have emerged as a powerful tool for achieving this task. Here are 10 compelling reasons to incorporate skill tests into your hiring process.

01 Accuracy in Hiring

Skill tests provide a quantifiable measure of a candidate’s abilities, thereby increasing the accuracy of hiring decisions. Traditional interviews can sometimes be influenced by unconscious bias or swayed by a candidate’s charisma, potentially leading to suboptimal hiring decisions. Skill tests, on the other hand, offer an objective assessment of a candidate’s capabilities. The effective online testing software that underpins this objectivity ensures a smooth, objective assessment process.

02 Reducing Costs

The hiring process can be a pricey affair. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, the average cost to fill a position can be as high as $4,129. By using pre-employment testing software, unqualified applicants can be screened out early in the process, saving both time and money. This cost-effectiveness of skill tests makes them an attractive solution in the hiring process.

03 Speeding Time to Hire

In today’s fast-paced business environment, vacant positions can lead to significant productivity losses. Skill tests can streamline the hiring process by quickly identifying the most qualified candidates. Advanced pre-employment testing software allows for online skill assessment tests, free of biases and time constraints, thereby accelerating the hiring process and reducing the time to hire.

04 Improving Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Skill tests can make the hiring process smoother and more efficient, leading to higher satisfaction among hiring managers. They provide valuable data that can inform hiring decisions, reducing the guesswork and uncertainty that often accompany the selection process. Moreover, the convenience of using pre-employment testing software can significantly enhance the hiring experience for managers.

05 Attracting High-Quality Candidates

High-quality candidates are often attracted to employers who value skills and continuous learning. By incorporating skill tests into your hiring process, you can send a strong message to prospective employees that your company values competency and invests in talent development, thereby attracting superior talent.

06 Reducing Legal Risk

By providing an objective measure of a candidate’s abilities, skill tests can help reduce the legal risk associated with hiring. They ensure that hiring decisions are based on relevant, job-related criteria, reducing the likelihood of discrimination claims. This legal safeguard is an often-overlooked advantage of using skill tests.

07 Custom Test Creation

Online testing software often allows for custom test creation, enabling you to tailor tests to the specific requirements of a role. This might include a technical skills assessment for IT roles, a specific skill test for jobs in other specialized fields, an aptitude assessment to evaluate capability, or a psychometric assessment to assess behaviors. Custom test creation ensures that the skills assessed are relevant to the job, increasing the predictive validity of the test.

08 Fostering Objective Hiring

Skill tests foster objective hiring by focusing on a candidate’s abilities, not their age, gender, ethnicity, or other potentially biased factors. This can help enhance diversity and inclusion in your organization, leading to a more innovative and productive workforce.

09 Talent Analytics

Skill tests provide valuable data that can inform not only hiring decisions but also broader talent management strategies. This data can help identify skill gaps in your workforce, inform training and development programs, and improve workforce planning. These talent analytics can be instrumental in shaping your organization’s talent strategy.

10 Boosting Employer Brand

Using skill tests can enhance your employer’s brand by demonstrating that your company is committed to hiring and developing the best talent. In a LinkedIn survey, 75% of job seekers said they research a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying. By incorporating skill tests into your hiring process, you can strengthen your employer’s brand and attract top talent.

As a bonus, consider using aptitude tests or a career assessment test as part of your hiring process. These tests can provide further insight into a candidate’s potential and fit within your organization.

Skill tests offer numerous benefits, from improving the accuracy and efficiency of hiring to reducing costs and legal risk. By incorporating these tests into your hiring process, you can not only improve your hiring outcomes but also enhance your employer brand and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

In the next decade, hiring will not be about who can do the job but about which job can be done by whom.

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