Navigating the AI Landscape in HR with Shanil Kaderali

[Podcast] Navigating the AI Landscape in Talent Acquisition Speaker: Shanil Kaderali (Talent Acquisition Operations Leader) In this edition of podcast, we host Shanil Kaderali, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, HR, and employee engagement. In this exclusive podcast, he discusses how AI is revolutionizing the HR landscape, explores ways […]

Psychological Safety at Workplace by Indu Unnamatla

Psychological Safety at Workplace

Podcast | Psychological Safety at Workplace Speaker | Indu Unnamatla| Talent Acquisition Leader | Ex-Google In this insightful podcast, join Indu Unnamatla (She/Her), a seasoned Talent Acquisition Leader and former Googler, with over two decades of experience in Staffing and Agile Development. Discover the key to fostering Psychological Safety at the workplace, enabling a culture […]

Pay Parity and Equitable Practices at Workplace by Hina Naik

pay parity

Podcast | Pay parity and Equitable practices at workplace Speaker | Hina Naik | Total Rewards and Employee Experience Expert Unlock valuable insights into achieving Pay Parity and fostering Equitable Workplace Practices in this enlightening podcast. Join us as we dive deep into the challenges, solutions, and strategies that drive positive change. Learn from experts […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Algorithm by Kate DCamp

The Good, the Bad, and the Algorithm When HR should leverage AI for smarter decisions In this Podcast, we will explore the role of artificial intelligence in HR decision-making and how it can lead to more informed and effective outcomes. Kate brings a wealth of experience in the HR technology space, having worked with numerous […]