5 amazing tips to easily stand out in a candidate’s market

5 amazing tips to easily stand out in a candidate’s market The driving seat of recruitment has a new occupant, the candidate! However, this was not always the case. For years, the companies hiring had been the sole decision maker in the recruitment process. They posted job ads, shortlisted candidates from the applicant pool, and […]

Common mistakes to avoid when using assessments

Common mistakes to avoid when using assessments “Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.” This quote by Lawrence Bossidy emphasizes the fact that hiring is one of the single most important factors that determine success in an organization. It is no […]

Why are candidate drop-off rates<br>increasing and what to do about it?

Why are candidate drop-off rates increasing and what to do about it? After a lot of searching, you finally decided on a candidate who ticks all boxes when it comes to both the required skills and a role fit. Everything is going well so far. However, this champion of champions, the chosen one, is not […]

5 Ways to Leverage Data to Make Better Recruiting and Hiring Decisions

5 Ways to Leverage Data to Make Better Recruiting and Hiring Decisions Technology makes it simpler for us to assemble data on not only potential candidates but also the overall recruiting system. Picking the correct information, metrics and suitably following up on this Data can change and augment your employing cycle. You can harbor the […]

Why Successful Hiring Managers Look Beyond the 4-Year College Degree

If anyone told you 10 years ago that a university degree will not guarantee you a stable job and income, you might probably laugh it off as a joke. However, with the gradual boom in population, the job market is not performing well. The number of job seekers is rapidly increasing while the employment opportunities are limited in the market. Thus, applicants need to broaden their horizons and attain much more than a 4-year college degree to heighten their chances of getting hired.

How AI Simplifies The Search for Diverse Talent

AI has become an integral part of our mundane lives. From our jobs to our homes, you can find AI deeply integrated with our lifestyle. It has completely transformed the way we function, work, or unwind. One of the primary reasons why people trust AI is because it is focused, targeted, flawless. As humans, we are bound to make mistakes and have biases, opinions, and personal thought processes. However, an AI will simply execute the given task efficiently without any problem. HR leaders of today have recognized the potential of AI and have started to harness it for streamlining Talent Acquisition. Read more to find out how AI simplifies the search for diverse talent while tackling traditional issues.

5 Ways to Promote Your Company Culture to Candidate

One of the essential criteria of building a harmonious, healthy, and productive work environment is by- creating and promoting a positive work culture. Think of it like this- the organization is the body, and the company culture is the cells. They are fundamental building blocks that make up your firm. Furthermore, promoting this culture will protect the current employees- additionally, it will also attract fresh talent to your company.

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Jobs Posting More Engaging

Digital platforms have virtually brought the world closer than ever. People have not only made personal but robust business connections over the internet. Organizations have used this feature to their advantage to find skilled, talented employees through digital job postings. However, this technique has gained immense popularity due to which there’s sturdy competition among companies for hiring professionals. Your job postings need to convey why a firm is better than others and what makes it unique. Employees want to choose the best alternative for them, and thus you job posting need to communicate the same. Are you confused about how to make your job advertisement more attractive and engaging? Don’t worry- we got you.

4 Step Approach to Skills Mastery

We are living in a knowledge society, where technologies are changing at a very fast pace and innovations are a regular phenomenon. According to a LinkedIn survey – the average shelf life of skills is less than 5 years.