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Who are we?

Zapilio is a candidate-friendly online assessment platform. After all, how can an organization run without its employees? So, here we are trying to find the perfect match for that role that attracts hundreds of candidates

Why go to the trouble of manually screening candidates for each skill? Our platform can do that job for you.

What do we do?

We have a trick up our sleeves (Data Science) Don’t lose sleep over the decision making process.
Zapilio automates it for you, from assessing the skills of prospective candidates to checking up on present employees. Curated by experts of various industrial domains, our assessments cater to all. Take your pick or make one from scratch. We are flexible that way. Our detailed reports and AI-powered metrics aptly determine how a candidate fares in each skill set. Get ready to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Our Motto

Speed: Find a balance between efficiency and

Hire better, hire faster. Speed through the recruitment process. Remove the intermediate steps that not only seem redundant, but also bore a hole into your valuable resources and time. We also practice what we preach.
Creativity: Establish a connection beyond business.
Who said assessments are boring and monotonous? Make them interactive and fun. Use unique approaches from our library that keep the test-taker engaged and encouraged to do their best.
Reliability: Hire with confidence
Let the test-taker’s performance speak for themselves. Rely on the data gathered from the answers that will automatically highlight whether the candidate is the one you are looking for.

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