7 most effective strategies to optimize mass hiring

mass hiring strategies

Mass hiring is a strategy to hire at scale but also a nightmare for many Human Resource (HR) professionals, given the required operation resources, accuracy, time, and workforce.

A recruiting authority wouldn’t even want to think about the process going south due to a slight discrepancy.

That’s why mass hiring is one of the most complex processes in recruitment, even though it helps organizations meet their requirements a lot quicker. A small mistake like an improper job profile may lead to repeating the whole process all over again, costing a lot.

But that’s why you’re here, to know how to optimize mass hiring for accurate output and quality hires. You’re at the right place, so keep reading!

What is mass hiring?

Mass hiring is recruiting employees at a large scale within a short time. The practice often comes into use when a company is snowballing or extending through opening a new branch and it needs many people to fulfil multiple roles at once.

Given the ratio of required people to the time frame, the practice requires much more attention to hiring speed and accuracy than typical hiring practices. Every part of the process must be reviewed thoroughly and might take a lot more time than expected if approached manually.

Here are the top 7 tricks every HR must know to optimize mass hiring.

Strategies to Optimize Mass Hiring

1. Planning is a must

Always have a plan, even when your company is not looking for expansion. This plan should be different from the one you use for the typical recruitment process. Devise a method more suitable to meet mass hiring criteria.

In most cases, the recruiter is dumbfounded by the sudden requirement of mass talent and makes mistakes while trying to meet them. But if you have a plan ready, you’ll significantly contribute to your company’s rapid growth or expansion.

2. Expand your sources, attract more candidates

On average, the global applicant-to-hire ratio is 25%, i.e., four are hired for every 100 applicants. Although the percentage isn’t alarming when hiring just a single recruit, the success rate shows screening 25 applicants on average to find the right one.

But imagine if a company requires 200 new employees, so that’s at least 5000 applications for making the right choice. Imagine a mass hiring campaign with just half or one-fourth of the average applications. Either the quality will suffer, or the turnover time will increase significantly.

That’s why you need to attract and engage an ideal number of genuinely interested candidates per the job vacancy. Here are some valuable tips for the same:

  • Run ads on major social networks and target the relevant audience.
  • Keep an eye out for opportunity seekers at industry events or such environments.
  • Take the help of your current employees to turn in some good referrals.
  • Make use of globally recognized platforms like Indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor.
  • Appearance matters. Make the front end of your career page count.
  • Outsourcing is sometimes a good idea for a smooth and efficient process.

3. Keep a talent pipeline ready

It’s just like planning an office surprise party. You keep everything ready in advance, and when the time comes, all you need to do is yell, “surprise!”

Putting in formal words, building a talent pipeline means keeping track of a candidate or a group of candidates pre-screened for specific roles. So when the time comes to make a hire, there’s no need to advertise or wait for the applications to roll.

You can fill some roles instantly and save time and resources with pre-screened candidates.

4. Automation is the only key

When dealing with hundreds or even thousands of applications, the manual screening will never deliver the expected results within the required timeframe. That’s why it’s time to introduce automation to your recruitment process.

Softwares such as Zapilio Volume Hiring can save loads of resources, time, and the hassle of manually assessing thousands of applicants with powerful AI and true automation. Let’s see how you can optimize the mass hiring process using automation tools.

5. Assess thousands of candidates faster and more accurately

From the hospitality business to managing remote call centres, you need every hire to be the best in their skills. Be it empathy, communication, resilience, or adaptability, you need them to be at their best because each will represent your company.

That’s why Zapilio, irrespective of the number of applicants, is designed to have the power to grade each applicant according to the required skills and suitability. Therefore, even among thousands of hires, there’s no wrong choice!

Not only will it optimize your screening process for mass hiring, but it will also remove the chances of biased decisions or manual errors.

6. Use AI to avoid wrong choices with your high-volume hires

A company has to face many hidden costs and precious time gets wasted on wrong hires.

There’s the training cost and your HR’s valuable time on assessing hundreds of individuals personally and still getting it wrong because of the vast array of data without proper management.

But automation software such as Zapilio put a full stop to all of these wasted resources. With the power of AI grading and customizable assessments, you only hire what your company exactly needs and with the minimum training costs.

7. Use smart assessments to get the best out of the herd

When it comes to mass hiring, you need an automated and intelligent screening system. That’s the only way to avoid additional turnover time or unqualified talent. It would be best if you had engaging assessments with accurate results.

The more accurate the result, the better the hiring choice. With Zapilio, you can assess a candidate with objective, subjective, audio, video, and picture-based questions.

It keeps the candidates engaged and analyzes their performance to align perfectly with your role’s requirements. Zapilio helps you significantly narrow your choices accurately in the high-volume recruitment process.

Final Words

Mass hiring can be daunting. And the last thing you should be is overwhelmed while making a hiring decision. That’s why you should always invest in the right technology stack to help you through this complex process. Make it as smooth as sliding on butter.