5 amazing tips to easily stand out in a candidate's market

The driving seat of recruitment has a new occupant, the candidate!
However, this was not always the case.

For years, the companies hiring had been the sole decision maker in the recruitment process. They posted job ads, shortlisted candidates from the applicant pool, and then went on to put them through rigorous and often redundant pre-hiring interview processes.

This method is not only time-consuming but also mentally and physically draining for both parties. The process went on with selecting a candidate and providing an offer, followed by salary negotiations, where companies have always had the upper hand.

Those who jumped through all the required hoops, but did not make it through the process might not even have heard back from the company, expectantly waiting for an answer. Feedback was rare. Hiring managers did not need to pay much attention to these issues. It was their market, after all.

The tables have turned with the post-pandemic hiring surge. Hiring managers are now the “sellers” in the candidate-driven market.

What is a candidate-driven market?

1. It’s all about branding- find your voice

What message does the employer as a brand put forward? Is it consistent across all platforms or are there discrepancies? In a cut-throat talent market, employer branding efforts are a powerful way to leave your mark.

The largest segment of workers are millennials, and they are adept at their social-media game. That is their source of information. So, why not go out there and show them what they are in for?

The brand voice should be strong, clear, and concise, as should its online presence. Try extending your reach to rope in more interested candidates. Use positive reviews on sites such as Glassdoor to your advantage.

2. Let your company culture speak for you

While employer branding showcases a surface-level view of your company to candidates, it needs to be supplemented with the internal scenario to bring the story a full circle. Those Glassdoor reviews, as mentioned in the previous point, won’t write themselves.

Before making any decision, about 70% of job-seekers read company reviews. There have been instances where potential employees have rescinded their offers on the basis of negative reviews they read about the company culture.

By curating an environment that is healthy and makes your present employees actually want to come to work and enjoy their time there, you will be creating the best advocates of your employer’s brand.

3. Fine tune your job descriptions

If there’s one thing that can go against your organization in attracting the talent it needs, it is a bad job posting. A job description is the first thing a candidate goes through while applying for an open position, making this particular parameter crucial.

An average job-seeker will be going through several postings in their search. For them to stop and genuinely take an interest in the role you are offering, the job description needs to pique their interest.

Be clear in what is exactly expected of a potential employee. Cut through the fluff, replace overused phrases, and avoid using jargon. The language should reflect the company culture and vision.

4. Showcase benefits beyond salary

Every job comes with basic pay which is included in the salary or the CTC. What extra benefit, monetary or not, do you provide? Does your business meet your employee’s needs beyond the paycheck?

Think about benefits beyond salary to attract top talent. It can be flexible working hours, a workcation once a while, privilege leaves, upskilling programs, the list can go on and on.

To keep attracting talent and ensuring a low employee turnover, give your potential hires something to look forward to when they join your organization.

5. Employ technology

Candidate experience is a key player in the game of beating your opponents in the job-seeker’s market. Why not save up on time and enhance the applicant experience simultaneously? With zapilio it is a win-win situation.

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It optimizes the recruiter’s time and efforts with its tailor-made but customizable, assessment library, which is curated and validated by industry experts. The AI involved ensures a seamless experience for the test-taker, keeping engagement rates at an all-time high.

Tap into technology and harness the power of automation to leave your competition behind.


For companies, the competition to attract top talent has gone up several notches.
People lost their jobs or chose to quit during the pandemic. Now, they are wanted back, but they have certain demands.

Among the various reasons for an employee to quit or change their jobs, shifting perspectives on work due to the pandemic is the most significant.

For today’s employees, their value at work, the value the work brings to them, and how they spend their time are essential factors in determining whether they should take up a job offer.
Now, more than ever, it is important to maximize the appeal of your organization to stand out in the market.

This blog brings forward some tips that will help you be the showstopper.